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Extremes in road surfaces and weather conditions require a high quality tire that delivers outstanding strength, traction and handling. PDQ Tire & Auto offers tires and tire services for all types of commercial, heavy duty and long haul delivery vehicles.

Commercial, Heavy-Duty and Long-Haul Tires

Some of the services we offer for your commercial vehicle include:

Tire Retreading & Repairs

Fleet Tire Maintenance Programs

Regional, Long-Haul & Heavy-Duty Tires

Fuel Efficient/Low-Rolling Resistance Tires

24-Hour Commercial Roadside Service for Truck Tires

24 Hours a Day

You can call us 24 hours a day to speak to a human technician, not an answering service. Get the tires you need to keep your commercial vehicles on the road when you come to PDQ Tire & Auto.

Contact PDQ today for your emergency 24-hour tire services in Milton and surrounding areas.

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